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The first candlestick that forms is a small bullish candlestick forms. Read our post on bullish candlesticks to learn more about them. If the price is in overbought conditions then it has a very high probability of bullish trend reversal.

three outside down

It will draw real-time zones that show you where the price is likely to test in the future. My name is Navdeep Singh, and I have been an active trader/investor for almost a decade. For some people it is a passive way of earning some extra cash, while for others it is a rather active way of earning full-time income. Now that we have discussed the basics around the three outside down pattern, let us briefly touch upon several advantages and disadvantages of trading this pattern.

A black candle with a downward gap or a lower closing price might provide verification. The chances of a trend reversal increase when a three-outside down candlestick pattern appears at the supply or resistance zone. But before we learn the best three outside down candlestick patterns, let’s learn to identify this three-bar pattern on our candlestick charts. The Three Outside Down pattern appears in a downtrend predicting its reversal. Although the third line is a kind of a confirmation of the Bearish Engulfing, it is worth to wait for confirmation on the subsequent candles.

Information Table of Three Outside Down Candlesticks Pattern

This increments bull confidence and sets off buying signals, confirmed when the security posts another high on the third candle. Candlesticks coupled with moving averages make support and resistance a lot easier to see. You’ll notice when you have them together, that candlesticks sort of obey moving average lines. Lastly, the third candlestick is another bullish candlestick.

real body

It is a three candlestick pattern observed at the end of a bullish rally. It is a three candlestick pattern observed at the end of a bearish rally. Trading in the same direction as the long-term trend may help improve the performance of the pattern. Therefore, during an overall uptrend, consider looking for the three inside up during a pullback. This could signal that the pullback is over and the uptrend is resuming. For a bearish three inside down, a trader could enter short near the end of the day on the third candle, or at the open the following day.

What is Position Trading Forex?

The entry three outside down would be the close price of the third candle and stop loss would be the low of the red candle formed on the first day. This pattern is an extension of the two-line bullish engulfing pattern. The second candle is a black candle with a small real body that opens and closes within the real body of the first candle. Informed traders enter long when the price moves below and pushes above the pattern’s low, setting a stop loss of one ATR. Let’s first understand how traditional traders lose money, and then we’ll learn from history the best three outside down trading strategies.

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Once this candle confirms the trend reversal, you are free to deploy your trading strategy. As you can see, the price is trending hard in the upward direction, indicating that the bulls are in control of the market. In keeping with the trend, the first candle in the pattern closes positively. However, the body of the candle remains small, which can be construed as an indication of a slow down in the buying interest. The second candle opens ‘gap up’ signifying the bulls’ effort to push the prices further upward. In a down-trending market, the moving average is sloping downward and mostly stays above the price bars.

Advantages and Limitations of Trading Three Outside Down Patterns

The second candle will open lower than the first, however, due to its long real body, will appear to be reversing the direction of the chart. The candle crosses through the opening tick of the first black candle displaying bull power. This action raises a red flag for any bears who may want to take their profits now and tighten their stops due to the possibility of a reversal in the market. As noted above, three outside down is a reversal candlestick pattern, and its appearance on the price chart of a security indicates an upcoming bearish reversal.

  • To determine the take profit levels, a Fibonacci extension tool is applied.
  • It closes above the closing price of the previous green candle and indicates trend reversal.
  • In a trending market, you need trend lines to delineate the direction of the trend so that you don’t trade against the trend.
  • The ideal trading circumstances for three outside down candlestick foundations are overbought conditions and a supply or resistance zone.
  • It can be done based on any predetermined percentage, a fixed risk/ reward ratio or at the next bullish trend.

In both cases, the price pauses after the pattern before moving up. Therefore, it would have been prudent to have a stop loss placed below the entire pattern in order not to be prematurely stopped out on a long position. The downtrend continues on the first candle with a large sell-off posting new lows.

What is Three Outside Down candlestick pattern

The ideal trading setup for this candlestick is when the primary trend is downward and a retrace of that downtrend occurs. Price bubbles up, forms the three outside down candlestick, and then price breaks out downward, rejoining the downtrend already underway. Scan candlestick charts to find occurrences of candle patterns.

Additionally, the longer the second and third candlesticks are, the stronger the reversal. The three outside up / down candlestick pattern describes a pair of three-candle reversal patterns that come up on candlestick charts. In both, a dark candlestick is followed by two white ones, or vice-versa.

  • The very first candle in the pattern will be black, indicating a downtrend movement.
  • Additionally, the longer the second and third candlesticks are, the stronger the reversal.
  • Some traders may wait for the confirmation candlestick that turns it into three outside down patterns.
  • This last small bullish candlestick is considered the first candlestick in the Three Outside Down pattern.

Statistical data says, on average, a net profit of approximately 5% can be had over the long term. Trading a three outside down pattern is not very difficult. Once the pattern is found at the top of a bullish trend, the trader should simultaneously confirm the reversal pattern from other indicators. Candlesticks allow us as traders to be able to see the emotions of others. In fact, that’s the reason we have Japanese candlesticks patterns today.

The second candle starts lower but reverses, crossing through the opening tick in a display of bull power. This price action raises a red flag, informing bears to take profits or tighten stops because a reversal is possible. There is a long black candlestick pattern with a body that extends both above and below the white candlestick of the previous day, completely covering it. The third day is another bearish day with a black candlestick that closes even lower than the first day. The Three Outside Down trading pattern is one of such candlestick patterns and is considered to be among the most reliable patterns.

The three outside up and three outside down patterns are described by one candlestick promptly followed by two candlesticks of inverse overshadowing. Bullish and bearish patterns form within each other all the time. That’s why you need to be able to see the big and the small patterns. Traders can get in on the second day believing the two day reversal pattern. For the three outside up pattern there should be a downtrend in place. This type of pattern indicates a trend reversal and a bearish rally is seen thereafter.


It takes three days for this pattern to appear, and If you look closely at the pattern, there are two patterns in it that support the confirmation of a trend reversal. The best average move 10 days after the breakout is a rise of 6.3% in a bear market. I consider moves of 6% or higher to be good ones, so this candlestick does well. The best performance rank after 10 days is 13th, which is also quite high. All ranks are out of 103 candlestick patterns with the top performer ranking 1. “Best” means the highest rated of the four combinations of bull/bear market, up/down breakouts.

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You can see the Three Outside Down pattern in an uptrend, a pullback in a downtrend, and the upswing in a range-bound market. In a trending market, you need trend lines to delineate the direction of the trend so that you don’t trade against the trend. Apart from spotting the trend direction, trend lines can also act as dynamic support or resistance levels, where the price is likely to reverse.

Read our post on candlesticksto learn their significance. The unique three river is a candlestick pattern composed of three specific candles, and it may lead to a bullish reversal or a bearish continuation. The following Meta (formerly Facebook Inc.) chart shows an example of a three inside down pattern that fails. It appears during a strong price rise, but the third candle is relatively small and doesn’t show a lot of selling conviction. The next day the price quickly resumes trading to the upside in alignment with the broader trend.